Old St. Andrews



The Gibson Mansion, Marysville



Gibson Mansion "Visitors, while they will appreciate what Mister Gibson has done in the way of building school houses and cottages, will be most struck by the very elegant villa he has caused to be built for his own residence. It is rather a bit of a surprise to meet such a mansion in such a place. Mostly every one, we should think, has a wish to build a house for himself, or at any rate, has an idea in his head of what he considers the beau ideal of a mansion (though many, when they have an opportunity to give effect to their idea, make queer work of it). House building, then, may be considered a matter of general interest, and on that ground, we may be excused for attempting to give a rough description of Mister Gibson’s house on the Nashwaak. It may be premised that Mister Gibson, in carrying out his idea, has spared no expense, and has given the architect, builder, painter and decorator, carte blanche. The architect is Mr. Stead of Saint John, and the builder Mr. Butler of St. Stephen." Headquarters, August 1, 1866. The building burned June 6, 1914. George Taylor photograph. Courtesy Frances Campbell.