Old St. Andrews



Hillside, 1892



July 28/1892

New Summer Residences
Substantial Evidence of St. Andrews Growth as a Summer Resort

In addition to Mr. W. C. Van Horne’s elegant summer mansion, which is rapidly approaching completion on Minister’s island, there will be at least two other summer residences begun in St. Andrews this season. Robert S. Gardiner of Boston, Vice-president of the St. Andrews Land Company, has purchased lots 18 and 19 on Acadia Avenue (about in rear of the Algonquin tennis ground) and has had plans prepared for the erection of a very pretty home for himself. Estimates for its construction are now being asked for, and next week, probably, the contract will be given out. The cottage will be of wood, and will be constructed after the Colonial style. It will have two stories and an attic, and around three sides of it will extend a verandah eight feet wide. The house itself will be 41 feet wide. On the lower floor will be a broad hall—15 in width—also parlor, dining room and kitchen, and Mr. Gardner’s “private den,’ which, by the way, will be quite elaborately fitted up. There will be bathroom and closet on this floor. Upstairs there will be five sleeping rooms and bathroom.
            A few details might be of interest to the Beacon readers. The door of the main hall will be a large double one, of the good old-fashioned pattern, which admits of the bottom portion being closed, while the upper half is open. The chimney will be so situated that there will be fireplaces into it from the corner of the hall and from the corners of the parlor and the dining room. The kitchen range will also enter the same chimney. Mr. Gardiner’ private room, which is located to the left of the entrance, can be entered from the verandah, or from a sliding door in the hall. Portieres will take the place of doors in the entrances to parlor and the dining room. The plans have been prepared by Winslow and Wetherell, architects, of Boston. Mr. D. B. Claflin, of Boston, is to come here tomorrow to select a site for a cottage for himself. He will begin the erection of it this season.