Old St. Andrews






Gillcairn Gillcairn 2013. David Sullivan


This home, located directly behind the Algonquin Hotel annex on Prince of Wales Street, was formerly the summer cottage of Robert Gardiner, one of the founders of the St. Andrews Land Company, which was incorporated in 1888 with the avowed purpose of building a first-class summer hotel, which it did, golf course, which it did, and cottage development at Indian Point complete with the electric light and running water from Chamcook Lake, which it didn't. It was called Hillside. Mr. Gardiner died at a young age and the building passed into the Gill family about 1915, who much enlarged it and renamed it Gillcairn. The Gills sold to the Van Fleet about 1950, and the property seems still to be in the Van Fleet family. The building today is closed, appears to have fallen into some neglect, and is not easily visible from Champlain Avenue, to which its drive connects.