Old St. Andrews



Mutiny on the Agenora



St. Andrews Standard
Dec 24, 1835
On Monday the 21st day of December inst. Two seamen of the Brig Agenora, Robert Gray, master, were brought up for examination before Thomas Wyer, Esq. and the Honorable James Allanshaw, upon a charge of Mutiny and Desertion. It appeared that on the tenth day of December, that the crew of the Agenora consisting of ten men, all shipped about 4 o'clock, that the Vessel then lay at the Eastern Ballast ground, and was to proceed to sea early next morning, but that abut seven o'clock in the evening, the Captain, Pilot, and Mate, who were all in the Cabin heard a loud noise near the Companion doors, and the Mate went at once to ascertain the cause of it, but as soon as he had opened the door it was forcibly closed that he made another attempt and succeeded in opening the door, where he discovered two seamen standing near it, one with a pistol in his hand, and the other with a pump brake, that they both swore they would knock out the first man's brains who attempted to come up, that the Captain, Mate and Pilot, not having any fire arms or weapons, were not in a condition to make resistance, when seven of the semen (amongst which were the two prisoners) possessed themselves of the long boat,, cut the painter and made for Deer island, where they landed at the risk of their lives, the boat going to pieces in the surf, and the wind blowing a gale at the time. They subsequently reached Eastport, in the State of Maine, where owing to the exertions of Messrs. Babcock and Son and the prompt assistance of the civil authorities, there, the two prisoners, with another of the crew, who was admitted as a witness, were arrested and brought here, the other four having unfortunately for the public made their escape. The Justice committed the two prisoners for mutiny, to take their trial at the next Court of Oyer and Terminer for the County, the witness not having been able to find bail was also committed. The Justices also bound over Mr. George Watson, of this town, as accessory before the fact to appear and take his trial at the same time. J. W. Chandler and G. D. Street Esquires appear as Council, on behalf of the Prosecution.