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A Pair of Kids



St. Andrews Beacon
Oct 12, 1905
A Pair of Kids Captured by Judge Landry on Tuesday
A pair of immaculate kids, indicative of an absence of criminal business, adorned the desk in front of Judge Landry when he stood up on Tuesday last to address the grand jury "of the body of the County of Charlotte." His honor, after thanking the jury for their attendance, commented upon the good old-fashioned custom of presenting the judge with a pair of white kid gloves. It was a custom little honored outside of this county but one that should be maintained. The gloves did not always fit, but they stood for purity and for this reason were appreciated.

Another old custom that gave him pleasure was the ringing of the bell at the opening of court. This was a custom that was followed in no other county. Another laudable custom which was observed here was that of the sheriff meeting the judge at the train and escorting him to the court-house. The judge in his own person represented no more than any other member of the court but as the presiding officer of the court he was entitled to respect.

These old customs, which were more honored nowadays in the breach than the observance, all tended to add to respect for authority. There were some features of the juror's oath, particularly that part which says that they will do their duty "without fear, favor or affection, gain, reward, or the hope thereof," that were full of instruction and that contained food for wholesome reflection. There was a tendency nowadays towards dishonesty in high places, particularly our neighbors. He instanced the insurance frauds in the United States, which he characterized as disgraceful. Human nature is the same everywhere and it might be that if the lessons taught by this oath were not impressed upon our own people that human nature on this side of the line might finally yield to temptations. It was important in this new country to have these examples before our eyes that we might avoid the errors other communities have fallen into.

The jury was discharged.