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The Jail Bed Straw



St. Andrews Beacon, Dec 16, 1897
The Jail Bed-straw
Fragrant as were the memories which Mr. James Brayley carried away with him from he County Jail, after his Scott Act imprisonment, they were not half so fragrant as a lot of bedstraw which he brought out with him. It was no particular fondness for he Jail beds that moved him to do this, but rather a desire to le the public know the kind of stuff that the County compels its prisoners to lie down upon. The Beacon was invited to partake of a sniff of the straw aforesaid, and we are quite safe in saying that a bed or roses could not be more fragrant. But the fragrance was of the wrong kind. Mr. Brayley says that he will submit the straw to the inspection of the S. P. C. A. and it is possible that he may also carry a sample of it to Premier Emmerson. Sheriff Stuart, who was spoken to about this matter, said that every prisoner, on entering the Jail, is furnished with fresh straw and clean bed clothing. He declares this was done in Mr. Brayley's case.