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Escapes 1888



St. Andrews Pilot, Sept 11, 1884
A Jail Breaker's Designs Foiled
Thursday last, Rebels a prisoner serving a sentence in the Charlotte Co. jail, advised Mr. Mark Hall, the jailer, to be on his guard, for that Hugh Waddell and Duel Marshall, prisoners, had torn an iron strap off the wood grating, which forms a division in the corridor or jail hall, that he Rebels had told Waddell, not to do it, as he had got enough of escaping, and was now being punished for breaking out of fail, Waddell told him with a profane expression to mind his own business, they would not interfere with him. The jailer demanded the iron to be given up, but compliance was refused, the cells of the conspirators were searched, and the iron strap found in that occupied by Waddell. The presumption is that they intended when an opportunity should offer, to attack the jailer when he came into the corridor, and fell him with the iron, and either having stunned or killed him, to make their escape. The two men are now by order of the sheriff, kept in close confinement. We think that representation of Rebel's conduct should be made to the proper authorities, with a view of securing a commutation of his sentence. Since the incident took place, Rebels has had to listen almost incessantly to abusive epithets hurled at him by Waddell, who feels enraged at the exposure of his villainous design.

Pilot Dec 27, 1888
Prisoners' Escape
Gallagher and Walker, the latter known by the soubriquet of "shy Walker," recently committed to the county jail from St. Stephen, escaped from that institution on Wednesday evening 19th, and found their way to Calais, Maine. The jailer after putting a hod of coal, for the night's use, into the corridor, omitted to fully bolt the door, which being discovered by the above named prisoners, they opened it and stood not upon the order of their going. Walker was captured in St. Stephen on Christmas day by deputy-sheriff Robinson, brought back to St. Andrews yesterday, and put back in his old quarters again.