Old St. Andrews



Pagan House



This house belonged to Robert Pagan, one of the original grantees of the Town. Mr. Pagan was a native of Scotland, born 1750. He carried on an extensive lumbering business before the Revolutionary War in Falmouth, Maine - now Portland. Along with other merchants of that area who wished to remain loyal to the British Crown, he moved to Castine in the hope that the future border between the 13 colonies and England would be the Penobscot River. As it turned out, it was the St. Croix River, 100 miles to the north, so Mr. Pagan and many of his prosperous associates chose St. Andrews as the site of a new Town, as it was an ice-free port near to the shipping lanes he was accusomed to frequent.

Robert Pagan owned a great number of mill privileges in the St. Andrews, Oak Bay and Milltown areas. He was a member of the Provincial legislature, Justice of the Peace, and title holder of many other offices as well as being one of the wealthiest merchants in New Brunswick, though most of his wealth was lost before his death in 1821.

The Pagan House dates to about 1785. It was brought to St. Andrews from Castine and rebuilt, making it one of the oldest houses in the Town. In the late '70's, then in poor condition and in danger perhaps of being town down, it was purchased by Heritage Canada, renovated and turned into a two family dwelling.