Old St. Andrews



All Saints Church



;The initial design was by George Snell, a celebrated Boston architect who originally submitted plans for a stone church, but the enormous cost forced a change to wood framing of New Brunswick spruce and pine, painted and plastered to look like stone. Drawings for the eventual church were done by local citizen Henry Osburn, manager of the St. Andrews and Quebec Railway, who redrew Snell's plans to suit wood construction. Costing $12,000 at the time, it replaced the old Anglican church built in 1788-1790 which was the only church in the town until 1818. The interior proudly possesses a circa 1690 polychome carved royal coat of arms of William and Mary, brought from Connecticut by Loyalist Rev. Samuel Andrews, the first rector of the town."

- From St Andrews Architecture 1604-1966, by John LeRoux and Thaddeus Holownia: Gaspereau Press, 2010.