Old St. Andrews



Andraeleo Hall Opening 1904



St. Andrews Beacon, Jan 21, 1904
Brilliant Ball
The New Andraeleo Hall has Gay Opening
There were sounds of revelry by night at Charlotte's capital on Wednesday last, the occasion being the opening of the new and splendid hall of the Andraeleo club of St. Andrews. The youth and beauty of St. Andrews and of adjacent locality had been invited to be present at the inaugural ball, and notwithstanding the fact that the roads were in bad shape and the weather very unpleasant the attendance was large. The hall itself looked magnificent with its spacious polished floor, high ceiling and the decorations of evergreen and bunting with which it was adorned. All the windows were encased in trimmings of spruce, while across the ceiling and along the wall flags and bunting were artistically festooned. When the floor was coupled by gorgeously-attired ladies and well-dressed, manly-looking men, the scene was a brilliant one. View from the balcony, which was thronged throughout the evening, it looked pike a picture from fairyland. The arrangements were in the hands of efficient committees of the club, who spared neither pains nor expense to make the inaugural ceremonies a success. They were assisted by a reception committee of ladies composed of Mrs. R. A. Stuart, Mrs. G. H Stickney, Mrs. Jennie Clark, Mrs. J. S. Thebaud and Mrs. A. B. O'Neill. Splendid music was furnished by Woodbury's orchestra, of Calais, composed of Austin Woodbury, violin; George P. Ryder, bass violin; Wm. F. R. ? Trombone, Isaac N. Jones, cornet; R. Davidson, coronet; Thomas Woodbury, tenor drum; Angus Tyrell, piano. The musicians occupied seats on the stage, so that the whole floor was free to the nimble dancers, who "chased the flying hours with flying feet" until almost the dawn of day.