Old St. Andrews



Andraeleo Club and Hall



The Andraeleo Club was formed in 1894 by a group of young men interested in both sports and the arts. It is thought that the name "andrae" meaning "man" and "leo" meaning "lion," alluded to the Club's philosophy of forming supermen, sound in mind and body. The founder was Reverend Patrick O'Flaherty of the Roman Catholic Church, and the Club got its start in the old Catholic Church, located at the head of the town on Mary Street, which had been abandoned since 1886, when the new Catholic Church on King Street was built. As the Andraeleo Club was interested in more than just gymnastics, but also in public artistic productions, it was soon felt that the Club needed more space. Accordingly, in 1903 the old Catholic Church was moved to a new location at the corner of Church and King Streets, a new building erected, and the church attached to serve as a stage.

Between 1903 and the 1940s the Club seems to have gone in more for entertainment than sports; it became the home of operatic productions, and also housed the Town's second motion picture theatre. Finally in the 1950's the venerable Hall was taken over by the Royal Canadian Legion, and lost its ancient name and purpose. A peep into the various venues that were hosted in Andraeleo Hall gives a lively and dramatic look into the performing arts in St. Andrews over the decades.

The old Andraeleo Hall is now called Europa Restaurant.