Old St. Andrews



The Andraeleo Club



St. Andrews Beacon, Sept 27, 1894
The Andraeleo Club is the name of an excellent organization that has been instituted among the young men of Rev. J. M. O'Flaherty's congregation. It's object is "self-help, mutual improvement and amusement." The old chapel at the head of the town is being fitted up for club purposes. The main building will be utilized as a gymnasium, and will be supplied with the necessary gymnastic apparatus, while the vestry will be turned into a reading room. The building is not very conveniently situated, but the Club will put up with it the coming winter, and next summer will probably move it to a more suitable location. The officers of the club are: James Scallan, president; William O'Neill, fist vice-president; t. McCarthy, 2nd vice-president; E. Coakley, R. S; A. O'Neill, F. S; D. Coakley, Treasurer; Daniel Burns, Guard. Success to the Andraeleo Club.