Old St. Andrews






St. Andrews Beacon, June 10, 1897
Summer Cottages
The handsome summer cottage of T. R. Wheelock, of Boston, should have appeared in last weeks' list of cottages that will be tenanted this season. This dwelling has just been completed, and is one of the prettiest and most commodious in town, commanding a splendid outlook of Passamaquoddy Bay. The interior appointments are very comfortable. A large well, situated alongside the house, provides the water therefore. The water is raised by means of a "Dandy" wind-mill. It is as dandy as its name. A large barn is located alongside the house. The buildings were erected by the well known contractors, Messrs., Stevenson and McKenzie. They have made a splendid job. W. A Donovan erected the wind-mill and performed all the plumbing. A. A. Laflin and his workmen did what painting was necessary. The cottage is now ready for occupation. The town authorities have graded the roadway in front of the cottage, so that the surroundings harmonize very prettily.