Old St. Andrews






April 26/1900
New Summer Cottage
Mr. Maxwell, of Montreal, the First to Usher in the Summer Season
The summer cottage, which Mr. Edward Maxwell, architect, of Montreal, is having built for himself at the eastern extremity of the Bar road, is being rapidly pushed forward by the contractors, Messrs. Stevenson and McKenzie. A glimpse at the plans reveals a modest structure, with hipped roofs, somewhat after the Queen Anne order of architecture. It is two storeys in height, with a piazza on the front, which faces towards the summer residence of Sir William Van Horne. The house covers an area of 18 ½ by 38 feet. The living room of the house is located in the centre of the main building. This room is 16 x 20 feet. A red sandstone fire-place will occupy the rear end of the room. On the left of the living room, is a reception room 8 x 18 feet, with a doorway opening from the side towards the railway, track. The stairway to the upper floor is at the back of this room. The right hand side of the central room encloses a bedroom and a pantry. Upstairs, there are two bedrooms and a large dressing room and a bathroom. The kitchen, measuring 12 ½ by 20 feet, is in a measure independent of the main building, being connected with it only by a pitched room. Provision is made for a ten-foot driveway between the two buildings. There will be a servants’ bedroom off the kitchen. The space over the driveway between the roof and the floor will be utilized as a trunk room. This will be entered from the main building upstairs. There will be no plaster on any of the rooms, the ways and ceilings being composed of planed matched sheathing. Mr. Maxwell expects to occupy his new residence on the 24th of May.