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Walter Morris



St. Andrews Beacon, July 7, 1910
Obituary Walter B. Morris

Though it was known that Mr. Walter B. Morris was not in robust health, few were prepared for the announcement of his death which occurred on Saturday noon. Death was due to enlargment of the heart. The deceased was 74 years old and was a native of England. After having been in the China service for some years he came to St. Andrews a young man. For a period he was station agent of the New Brunswick Railway Company. Afterwards he took up the insurance auction and brokerage business, and was engaged in that at the time of his death.

He was a prominent member of the Church of England, and for forty six years sang the praises of the church in the choir of All Saints. He is survived by his wife (who was a Miss Jack), and two daughters, Misses Lillian and May Morris, for whom deep sympathy is expressed. The funeral was held on Monday afternoon. Among the mourners were Mr. and Mrs. Norman Greathead, of San Francisco, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred. P. MacNichol, of St. Stephen. The body was first taken to All Saints church, where an impressive service was held by Rev. George H Elliott, the choir rendering the hymns "I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say" and "Alleluia," and also the Nunc Dimittis. The pall-bearers were Messrs. T. T. O'Dell, J. S. Thebaud, G. H. Stickney, C. S. Everett, W. E. Mallory, and G. D. Grimmer. Interment took place in the rural cemetery.