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St. Andrews Standard, April 21, 1852
St. Andrews Iron Foundry

This establishment we are happy to notice is in full and active operation, under the management of its proprietors, our townsmen, Messrs. Alex and John Watson, and the facilities for work in every department of the Iron Foundry, and Blacksmith business, have been greatly increased. The quality of the castings is equal to any imported, and the patterns are of the newest and most improved descriptions. They are constantly casting cooking stoves, Franklins, Patent Windlasses, plough metals, Mill and Ship's castings, etc., which will be furnished at lower prices, than can be imported for. It is as much a duty, as it is our interest, to encourage "home manufactures;"--and we hope that the enterprising Messrs. Watson, will meet with that patronage, which their exertions and workmanship justly entitles them.