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Jottings on the Street No. 11
The Iron Foundry

Very few people outside of St. Andrews have the least idea that St. Andrews has an Iron Foundry; and consequently, many who would purchase "castings" here, go elsewhere to buy. Mr. Andrew Lamb is the present proprietor, having succeeded Mr. John Watson. The Foundry is situated on the West side of Water Street, and close to "Kennedy's Hotel." On Saturday morning last, we took a look through this establishment. Mr. Lamb pointed out a young man, Michael Mulligan, who was then engaged in "moulding" for a "casting" of an iron pot for a cook stove. This young "Moulder" is a native of the Town, and is described as possessing extra natural talent and native genius. His natural ability, with his present mechanical acquirements, enable him to perform work equal to almost any who have graduated in extensive Foundries in large Cities. We take pride in thus giving notoriety to native genius, and Charlotte County can produce many examples. Mr. Lamb is prepared to turn out Railroad Castings, Ships' casting; Cook Stoves, Cylinder Stoves, and Franklin Stoves, large and small; and at prices less than can be bought in any other market. Some of his variety of Cook Stoves bear the name of—State, Provincial, West Wind, and Valley. The three last-named have "elevated ovens." The "Cylinders," are, Nos. "2.3, 5." The "Furnace" has capacity to smelt three tons of iron at a "blast." As Mr. Lamb will exchange Stoves and other articles from his Foundry for payments in exchange, such as Fish, etc., now that money is scarce, such an opportunity to those needing such articles should not be neglected. We commend, and recommend, the St. Andrews Foundry, to the patronage of our readers.