Old St. Andrews



Death of John Watson



St. Andrews Beacon, Oct. 9, 1890

Mr. John Watson, for many years a resident of St. Andrews, passed peacefully to his rest on Sunday evening last. Mr. Watson was a native of Scotland, and, with his brother Alexander did quite a large foundry business here at one time. He also owned largely in shipping. He has been out of business for well nigh twenty years. The deceased was never married, his sister, Mrs. Charles E. Kennedy, keeping house for him. He was a man of quiet disposition and sterling integrity - a firm believer in the maxim, "owe no man anything." When his brother Alexander died a number of years ago, he left with him a family of eight children to look after. He kept his trust faithfully, but as they grew up one by one was claimed by consumption until only one now survives. He is at present at sea.