Old St. Andrews



Marine Hospital



In 1872 the old Marine Hospital located next to the Jail and Courthouse burned and a new one was erected in the following year. It sported an octagonal tower to be used for signal purposes and also as an observatory. In 1896 the Marine Hospital was finally closed. Reported the St. Andrews Beacon: "The governmental policy of late has been to close up the marine hospital and board any sick or disabled sailors at the general hospitals, where such exist. Some years ago this was done in Saint John and the marine hospital, a very costly structure, has been closed ever since. In St. Andrews, during the past few years, the government have the hospital free to the person who would undertake to board any sick sailors at $3 per week. No other supplies were granted, and the care-taker was even expected to keep the building in repair. The physician in attendance received $100 per year."