Old St. Andrews



Shaughnessy in New Role



St. Andrews Beacon, July 21, 1910
Sir Thomas in New Role

Sir Thomas Shaughnessy has played many parts—and played them well—but it is doubtful whether he ever acted the role of a Boniface until the 12th of July. He was seated on his broad verandah at "Tipperary," enjoying the warm sea breezes which waft across the peninsula, when one of the excursionists from up country meandered in and took a seat alongside him, remarking that he felt pretty tired. Sir Thomas was sympathetic and the stranger prattled on. Presently he discovered that he had a thirst. "Can I get something to drink?" asked the stranger. "Why yes," was Sir Thomas' courteous reply. "Will you have a glass of water; or perhaps you would like some cool lemonade?" "Guess I'll have the lemonade," replied the thirsty one. The lemonade was brought and speedily disappeared. The stranger smacked his lips with great gusto, then plunged his hand into his pocket and offered to pay for the drink. Sir Thomas, who saw that the man was under the impression that he had struck a hotel, smiled affably and courteously refused the proffered dime.