Old St. Andrews



Scientific Shinny



St. Andrews Beacon, Aug. 30, 1894
A Popular Sport

A game that is fast becoming popular here, and particularly among the summer visitors, is golf, or as it is called by some, "scientific shinny." The game had its origin in Scotland and is one of the most manly and fascinating sports associated with the Land o' Cakes. Its Scottish home is in the historic old town of St. Andrews, and so popular has it become there that people from all parts of the United Kingdom visit it in the summer season to witness the game being played. The result is a very large and constantly growing addition to the summer population of the place. The gentlemen who have been instrumental in starting the game here are of the opinion that similar results would follow from the laying out of a proper golf ground or links at this point. Perhaps it would. Certainly it would be worth trying. Golf, says an expert, is not as expensive as polo or bicycle riding. It costs about as much as lawn tennis. The main expense is in laying out the links. Land is usually cheap. Land that is undesirable for almost any other purpose is perfectly adapted to golf. If there is a stream or a deep depression in the land so much the better. Such things form hazards. The cost of providing sticks is not very great. . . .