Old St. Andrews



Cottage Craft



The building at Market Square now used by Cottage Craft was originally the R. J. Conley Lobster Factory. Mr. Conley began operations on Deer Island in 1893 and opened a St. Andrews branch on Market Square in 1921. Expansions continued through the 30's with the world's largest lobster pound on Deer Island in 1932 and a huge factory building at Indian Point near the lighthouse in 1936. The factory / restaurant at Indian Point burned in 1974.

The old R. J. Conley factory is now the home of Cottage Craft. Cottage Craft was the brainchild of Grace Helen Mowatt, the great granddaughter of Captain David Mowatt, an original grantee of the Town. Her idea was to put the artistic talents of local people to work weaving and knitting crafts which she marketed and then sold. The business was begun in 1917, located originally at Chestnut Hall, now Ross Museum, and moving after that to a location beside Cockburn's Drugstore. In 1947 Mowatt sold the business to Bill and Kent Ross, who in 1950 moved into the old Conley Lobster building at Market Square and enlarged it.