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John Dunn - Slave Trader



St. Andrews Beacon, June 15, 1893
Over One Hundred Years Old
In looking over some musty old papers, the other day, Mr. W. H. Whitlock, of the Customs department, came across a letter which was written over one hundred years ago. The letter, which was addressed to "Mr. John Dunn, Merchant in New York or Nova Scotia" is as follows:—

Kingston, Jamaica, 11th June 1784
Mr. John Dunn,
Having forwarded duplicate and triplicate of my respects to you of the 3rd inst., which related entirely to insurance on the Lord Howe; I do not now trouble you with another copy of it; as this goes by Capt. McLean in that vessel, which I hope will arrive safe with you to a good market.

Enclosed you will please receive invoice and bill of landing for 4 hhds fine sugar, 16 puncheons and 1 hhd. of rum shipped on board her on your account and risk. Amounting to 425 pounds Jamaica currency at your debit in account current, which is also enclosed; and credit with 389 pounds, 13 shillings, 10 ½ pence net proceed of her cargo here from Penobscot and 806 pounds, 13 shillings Jamaica currency for her chartered voyage to Georgia and back.

You will find 260 pounds at the debit of this account, for the cost of five new negroes shipped to Georgia for your account, which with my advances for the vessel leaves a balance of 286 pounds, 7 shillings, ½ pence in your favour, which hast mentioned sum I have paid to Capt. McLean, to enable him to settle with the people and for other disbursements.

As the vessel has really made money by her voyage here, I have no doubt of your hearty approbation;—And as Capt. McLean has spared no pains for your interest, I flatter myself you will also approve of his services.
In the expectation of hearing from you upon the arrival of the Lord Howe I remain with respect, Sir, Your Most Obedient Servant, John Moore.