Old St. Andrews



John Dunn - Loyalist



M. N. Cockburn, History of Early St. Andrews, 1907
John Dunn came from New York. He owned and occupied the building now owned by Mr. W. J. McQuoid on the corner of Water and Edward streets, the frame and material for which he brought with him from New York in 1784. It was the first two story building ever erected in St. Andrews. He was the second person to hold the office of Sheriff in Charlotte County, his term of office extending from 1790 to 1803. He was for many years Comptroller of Customs at St. Andrews. He died in 1829 and a large stone tablet marks his last resting place in the old burial ground. In 1825 he presented the Roman Catholic Church with that piece of ground on which their church formerly stood and where their old burial ground still is, facing on Mary Street and running back from Montague to Parr Street. The present Collector of Customs, Mr. William Whitlock, is a direct descendant of Mr. Dunn.

W. C. O'Neill, St. Croix Courier, Jan 13, 1955
First of Kind
During the present building boom which has been going on in St. Andrews, it might be interesting to mention something of the first two storey house to be built here. A man named John Dunn bought the frame and materials from New York in 1784 and erected the house on Water Street in St. Andrews. It is now owned and occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Hope McQuoid. Mr. Dunn was the second Sheriff of Charlotte county from 1790 to 1803. He was also controller of customs at St. Andrews for many years. He died in 1829 and is buried in the old High Church burying ground where a large stone tablet marks his last resting place. Two-storey houses are not common today, rather the trend is to the bungalow or one-storey type and it is interesting to note that the first two-storey effort here is still standing and in every day use.