Old St. Andrews



Garnett House



After the Revolutionary War several of the newly arrived Loyalists from Castine, Maine, arranged to have their homes disassembled there and relocated to St. Andrews. The house which used to be located at the corner of Water and Adolphus Streets, known once as the Garnett House and later as the McConvey House, was said to be one such. According to Judge M. N. Cockburn, in a history of old St. Andrews published in the New Brunswick journal "Acadiensis" in 1907, "Joseph Garnett owned and occupied a house on the corner of Water and Adolphus Streets, now owned by Mrs. Robert McConvey, but which has been slighty enlarged since Mr. Garnett's time. The materials for same were brought here and the builds erected in 1784 by one Mr. Maxwell, from whom it was purchased by Mr. Garnett." "Joseph Garnett," Cockburn notes, "was one of the Loyalists who came to St Andrews with the Rev. Samuel Andrews in 1784 and was one of the first church wardens and first vestry clerk in St. Andrews' church. He was New Brunswick's first master in Chancery and the first Deputy Registrar of Deeds and Wills, and Deputy Surrogate or Judge of Probate for Charlotte County. He died in St. Andrews in 1800."