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McConvey Home Razed
Frederick Worrell, St. Croix Courier, April 8, 1943
One of the old landmarks of the town, the McConvey house, upon which many days of labour had been spent in the building was laid low and disappreared in two hours; and not by fire, but by a wrecking crew under the direction of Henry McQuoid. The lot and old building had been recently purchased by Mrs. J. E. Winans, of Merchantville, N.J., who, with her husband, spend the summers here with her mother Mrs. John Stickney. A verandah is to be built on the southwest side of the Stickney home and the removal of this old building will give a clear view of the harbour. As far back as anyone living can rember, this house belonged to the McConveys. Older folks can remember Bob McConvey, blacksmith, and grandfather of the recent owner, Margaret McConvey. A few of the oldest residents can remember Bob's parents who lived here with him. After the death by drowning in 1881 of Andrew Craig, his widow, a sister of Mrs. McConvey, and her four small children moved into the house, an addition having been built to accommodate them. . . . But the most interesting fact in regard to this old house is that it was originally built at Castine, Maine, and was brought here on a scow sometime after the American revolution, probably about 1785. As far as I can learn, there now remain ony two of the several houses brought here at that time from Maine, the old O'Neill house towards the lower part of the town on Water Street and the house owned and occupied by Harry Boone.