Old St. Andrews



Acme Picture Theatre, 1912



Oct 31/1912
Opening of Picture House
The opening of St. Andrews’ First picture-house, the “Acme,” took place on Monday last, under very auspicious circumstances. It is located on the northern end of the lower floor of the DeWolfe store [today Harbourfront Restaurant] and extends out over the wharf buildings. It is supplied with a first-class Edison apparatus and dynamo. On Monday afternoon, a matinée performance for children was given. In the evening, the hall was densely packed at both performances. The programme was a most entertaining one, the pictures being put on a clearly as at any of the city picture-houses. The hall is not yet in a completed state, but it soon will be. At the suggestion of the local authorities, the proprietors will add another exit, to be used in case of fire.