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St. Croix Courier
Aug 27/1936
Shire town Items—“The Great Ziegfeld”
“Another example of the progressive policy of the management of the Marina Theater may be seen this week in ‘The Great Ziegfeld.’ The show will not be released to theatres until 1937. At present it is in the nature of a road show, and St. Andrews is the only small place in Canada to show this masterpiece. The show took 2 years to produce and has 50 stars and 300 girls. ‘The Great Ziegfeld’ is a biography of the great producer and contains parts of all Ziegfeld’s best productions. The show is three hours long and can be seen at 6:30 and 9:30 pm On Thursday and Friday. The only way the management was able to get this superb production was to guarantee to charge reserved seat prices and go on a percentage basis.”

St. Croix Courier
Jan 6/1938
Shiretown Items
The Marina theatre put on a five and a half hour New Year’s night to start off the year right for its patrons. . . . Incidentally the Marina has a couple of new gadgets which indicates the progressive policy of the management. One is a modernistic clock in the lobby which also advertises coming attractions; the other is a rotating disc to flash color effects on the screen.

Croix Courier
Aug 24/1939
Shiretown Items: "Always Enjoyable" Thomas Marshall Caddie party, so called, an annual social event looked forward to by both young and old was held on Thursday evening of last week, with over two hundred guests present. The first feature was a motion picture show “The Mikado” at Marina Theatre, after which the guests went to various restaurants and the K. of P. hall where refreshments were served. The balance of the evening was spent in dancing at Andraeleo Hall, a local orchestra furnishing the music. Some of us have been attending these parties for many years, and their repetition neither lessens our enjoyment of the, nor our appreciation of the kindness and generosity of our good friend, Mr. Marshall.

St. Croix Courier
Sept 7/1939
Shiretown Items: "Better Than they Want"
It is generally accepted that one of the first principles in the development of a successful business is to give the public what they want. The two young men who own and manage the Marine Theatre have gone beyond this in giving the public even better than they want. No low-class thrillers or melodrama, which might satisfy many of the patrons, are shown at this theatre, and in consequence it has proven not only a place of entertainment but an institution with a considerable educational value as well. In an endeavour to suit all tastes as great a variety of pictures as possible is shown. But they are all of a high standard. Some of these films are so expensive that the receipts do not cover the cost of showing. But the boys take their loss with a smile and continue giving the best. One of the finest pictures to be shown this summer was “They shall Have Music,” starring Jascha Heifetz, how the most outstanding violinist in the world. Although this show many have been “caviar to the general,” it was angelic food to the music lovers. The splendid pictures of the Royal tour which have been shown throughout the summer have given us a much more intimate acquaintance with our King and Queen than we had from seeing them for a few minutes in person. So long live the “Marina”! May its lights never flicker, its sound-box stutter, nor it treasury go dry.

St. Croix Courier
Feb 2/1950
Shiretown items
The Marina Theatre is closed to undergo re-modelling. Double, insulated floors have been put down, the very latest in seats installed, a new screen hung, lighting arrangements improved, and the hall is now being redecorated. The town will now have 2 excellent up-to-date picture houses. Andraeleo Hall, which was remodelled and made beautiful by Paul Roy, the present owner, introduced pictures about six months ago being equipped with everything in modern style. If both these houses can make a profit on their investment, it will proved the old adage that the easiest way to make money is to sell the public something they don’t need.