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Use of the Knife in St. Andrews



Nov 29, 1883
Use of the Knife in St. Andrews
On the night of Wednesday the 21st inst. A lad named James Gallagher, for some misconduct, was by the proprietor of Kennedy’s Hotel, ordered off the premises, refusing to go he was ejected; shortly afterwards Gallagher returned and attempted to force his way into the hotel. Mr. Kennedy barred his entry, when a tussle took place. Gallagher drew a jack knife and stabbed Mr. Kennedy in the left breast where the passage of the knife was stopped by the rib, and in the abdomen immediately below the ribs where the knife, fortunately, only made a slight puncture. Both wounds were in a dangerous locality. Had the knife been thrust with a little more force, either of them, would probably have cost Mr. Kennedy his life. Mr. Kennedy also had one of his fingers gashed. Mr. Mark Hall, the County jailer, came to Mr. Kennedy’s assistance, and succeeded in disarming Gallagher who we are informed, was severely punished by Mr. Kennedy striking him across the head and face with a whip.