Old St. Andrews



St. Andrews Post office, 1904




St. Andrews Beacon, March 24, 1904
New Post Office Corner
The Land Company's Handsome Brick Building Now Used as a Post Office.
The St. Andrews Post Office was removed on Saturday night from the lower flat of the Masonic hall to the Land Company's brick building a block below, and on Monday morning for the first time mails were delivered on the new premises. The passing of the old Post Office is not altogether a matter for regret, although the new building may entail a longer walk for a number of the office patrons. The old office was an unsightly place and not at all in harmony with the present ambitions of the people. The old building was in use as a Post Office for twenty or more years. Prior to that time, (except during a short period when the late Mr. J. R. Bradford, assistant postmaster, kept the office in the corner building now occupied by R. A Stuart and Co.) the little store alongside King Street corner was used by the late Postmaster George F. Campbell. The mails were passed out by the venerable postmaster through an aperture in the front of the building, and at time when the lads in waiting outside got a little too mischievous or "obstropolous" the postmaster was not averse to meting out summary punishment by means of a cane through the same opening. There were times when the innocent suffered for the guilty, if all the stories that have been told us are to be relied upon; When the office was changed to its late position, the move was considered a great improvement. The present change is even a greater improvement. The building is a handsome brick structure, with granite steps approaching the entrance. The interior is large, well-lighted and has been arranged by Postmaster Stevenson with due regard to the public convenience. A net partition has been run down and across the building, so as to separate the office proper from the public delivery room. Near the door is a desk for addressing cards or letters. A little further along the lock boxes and general delivery window ware placed. Beyond this another wicket has been inserted, which will be used for money orders during the Christmas season. The new Post Office building is the property of the St. Andrews Land Company and was built in the winter and spring of 1888 and 1889. The basement has been occupied by The Beacon ever since the building was completed. When the CPR acquired the properties of the Land Company this building was taken over by them. A lease for five years of the present Post Office was acquired from the CPR Company by Postmaster Stevenson.