Old St. Andrews



Death of Thomas Turner Odell



March 26/1891
In the death of Mr. T. Turner O’Dell, which occurred somewhat suddenly on Saturday afternoon, St. Andrews has lost one of its oldest citizens and one of its wealthiest merchants. Mr. Odell was an Englishman by birth, and when quite young came to New Brunswick and became a clerk with his uncle, Mr. Thomas Turner, in the dry goods business at St. Andrews. Proving himself a capable man, he was subsequently admitted as a partner, and on Mr. Turner’s death he assumed the full control of the business, which by the aid of his two sons, he has since carried on quite successfully. Mr. Odell took quite an active interest in municipal affairs at one time, being for period Warden of the County, but ill-health and other circumstances have of late tended towards his leading a more private life. By the failure of the Maritime Bank he lost in the neighborhood of $18,000. This was a heavy blow to him, and no doubt tended to some degree to hasten his end. The immediate cause of his death was an affection of the heart, from which he had been suffering for some time. He was able to be out on Election Day and cast his vote, but since then he had been confined to his house. Although very poorly, his immediate dissolution was not looked for, and when the intelligence of his death was made public on Saturday afternoon, no little surprise was expressed.