Old St. Andrews



Manchester House, 1901



Sept 11, 1902
Odell Bros. Department Store
There are no commercial enterprises that add so much to the importance of any town, as the department stores of the present day. St. Andrews is not behind the times in this respect, as may be seen by a visit to the establishment conducted by Messrs. Odell Bros. The business was originally founded away back in 1825 by John Odell. It was then for many years carried on b the late T. Turner Odell, who conducted it until 1891 when, at his death, Messrs. T. T. and E. Odell assumed control, under the firm name of Odell Bros. the premises occupied are very large and include three floors of a building 85 x 30 feet in dimensions which are filled to repletion with a varied assortment of merchandise, consisting of all kinds of dry and fancy goods, ladies’ garments, dress good, ladies and gentlemen’s’ furnishings, small wares, ready made clothing for men and boys, hats and caps, carpets, furniture, and a thousand and one articles too numerous to itemize and found only in a first class establishment of the kind. Messrs. T. T. and E. Odell are both natives of St. Andrews, and were reared and educated here.