Old St. Andrews



Henry O'Neill House



Henry O'Neill came to Saint John from England in 1818 and later moved to St. Andrews. He ran a prosperous farming business out of O'Neill farm near Katy's Cove, and this business in one form or another was handed down through the generations. The site of the present supermarket at Water and Frederick Streets was O'Neill's market, and the building at 312 Water Street was as once the home of HenryO'Neill. This building may have originally come from Castine, Maine, one of serveral disassembled there after the Revolutionary War and rebuilt in St. Andrews in 1783 / 1784. This is not certain, but only on the strength of an account of the destruction of the McConvey house at Water and Adolphus, undoubtedly of Castine origin. Frederick Worrell in his note on the history of this house, adds: "As far as I can learn, there now remain ony two of the several houses brought here at that time from Maine, the old O'Neill house towards the lower part of the town on Water Street and the house owned and occupied by Harry Boone."

Probably as with the McConvey house, the original building was much smaller, perhaps just the section with the chimney.