Old St. Andrews



Case of the Purloined Ox



St. Andrews Bay Pilot, Oct 12, 1882
One day last week Mr. G. Johnston of the parish of St. George drove into town and sold to H. O'Neill and sons an ox. The O'Neill's suspicions being excited they afterwards interviewed Mr. Johnston, and his statement being unsatisfactory, they insisted upon getting their money back. Johnston left the animal in their charge and meanwhile skipped across the river. Monday Mr. Hugh McKinney of Rollingdam came in search of an ox that had been stolen from his son on Whitcher Ridge, and upon identification thereof the animal in charge of the O'Neill's was surrendered to him. Johnston's story was that he had bought the ox from a man whom he did not know, with money entrusted to him by his Mother-in-Law Mrs. Adanarim A. Gilmor, to purchase a sewing machine. Johnston wrote the O'Neill's from Calais to turn the d—- ox on the road and he would go home.