Old St. Andrews



Seaside Inn Expands - 1937



St. Croix Courier, Oct. 14, 1937
New Facilities for Entertainment Being Built at Seaside Inn
Promenade, Diving Platform, and Other Sports Equipment for St. Andrews Hotel
The Seaside Inn will be a special attraction to visitors to St. Andrews in the future as a long-felt necessity for the entertainment of guests is now in course of construction. The lot directly opposite the Inn is being converted into a pleasure spot with special attention to bathing facilities. A promenade over seventy feet long has been constructed overlooking the beach, and will be finished with a rustic rail and furnished with rustic chairs and benches. Several bathing houses will be constructed a the end of the promenade and an old Wharf will be converted into a diving platform. In addition to bathing and as variety from the luxury of sun bathing, there will be other sports provided for on the green. Among these are tennis, clock golf, quoits, croquet and the popular game of darts. Miss Marjorie V. Clarke, the Proprietress of Seaside Inn, went to England last December and stayed as a guest of A. W. Jones and family at his suburban home in Essex, a few miles from London , and was therefore able to enjoy the gay life of a London season. Mr. Jones and Miss Clarke were married in the spring and spent their honeymoon on the continent, visiting the French Riviera, Italy, Holland, Belgium and many other places of interest, arriving back at London in time for the Coronation after which they returned to St. Andrews and have since enjoyed a splendid business season. Mr. and Mrs. Jones will be leaving for England again this week and during their absence Mrs. Lucy Storr will have full charge of the Seaside Inn until their return the middle of next May. Mr. Jones has a very prosperous business in London which requires his presence at least six months of the year.