Old St. Andrews



Seaside Inn



Seaside Inn opened in 1921 in the home of Captain Nelson Clarke, and after the death of the Clarkes in 1937 was expanded across the street by the daughter Marjorie. Ms. Clarke married an interesting and enterprising individual named Alfred Jones, and together they undertook a wholesale renovation of the various waterfront properties, which used to include a foundry, a livery stable and boatbuilding workshop, to create a kind of sports ground, featuring an observation tower, tennis, croquet, a swimming beach and boardwalk. Guests at Seaside Inn had rooms and meals at the old Clarke House, and on the waterside had apartments and cabins with running water but no kitchen facilities. Ms. Jones (later Richardson) ran Seaside Inn until into her nineties. The property on the water side became Seaside Beach Resort in 1978 under the ownership of Gordon Higgins. From 1980 to 1995 Seaside Beach Resort was owned by Robert and Francis Campbell, and since 1995 has been the property of David Sullivan and Beth Campbell. The original Seaside Inn became Salty Towers under Jamie Steel, and is now under the owner/managment of Jon and Beth Weaver.