Old St. Andrews



Stickney's Wedgewood



George F. Stickney was a Saint John jeweller who opened a jewellery and hardware store in St. Andrews in 1844 but with the wave of interest in English china that arose in the latter part of the nineteenth century principally as a result of American tourism changed gradually to selling principally English pottery. English stuffs such as pottery and woollens were much sought after by American visitors, and there was a good deal of smuggling of these items across the border southward. Usually if there was an event requiring speciality prizes Wedgewood ware or some other English or Irish pottery supplied by Mr. Stickney would be on the list. Mr. Stickney also sold pottery featuring local scenes such as the Algonquin and Minister's Island.

After Mr. Stickneys' death in 1892 the business was taken over by his son G. Harold Stickney, and the jewellery end of the business pretty much completely dropped. G. Harold Stickney did very well by his Wedgewood Store. He doubled the store's size, and is remembered as a bit of a dancy. He wore a different colored suit every day of the week, and on Sunday it was gold.