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St. Andrews Standard
Oct. 10, 1849
Watches, Jewellery, etc. Received and for sale by me, the Subscriber, an assortment of jewellery and fancy articles which will be sold low for cash. One French spring clock, patent lever and vertical watches; gold, silver and common watch keys; gold, silver, German ditto; India rubber watch guards; ladies and gents, gold and fancy set brooches and rings; gold, silver and German silver pencil cases; gold and plated earrings, ladies’ companions, silk and leather purses, pocket and needle books, tablets, paper mache Portfolios and Plain Bohemian Glass Scent bottles; ink stands; letter clips, thermometers, Britannia metal and brass candlesticks, snuffers and trays, razors and razor strops, key rings, Tea bells, pocket lash, and fine combs; telescopes; silver, blue steel, and German Silver mounted spectacles, carpenter’s lead pencils, cigar cases, pocket, jack and pen knives, Butcher’s ditto, nail, pocket and tailor’s scissors.

I sell fire irons, hot water jugs, percussion caps, tea trays, military shaving and fancy toilet soap, Hall and Son’s sporting and rifle powder, with a variety of other articles.

Clock, watches, jewellery, etc., cleaned and repaired. Quadrants, compasses, and log glasses, adjusted. Cash paid for old gold and silver.

George F. Stickney