Old St. Andrews



Sunbury Shores



This building was erected by Benjamin DeWolfe, local merchant, in 1886. Mr. DeWolfe was a successful retail merchant who later prosecuted a stiff business in importing and exporting goods by steamboat. He built a large wharf near the lighthouse in 1896, later purchased by the CPR, and later closer to town center a large wharf used specifically for the importation of coal. The wharf connected to the railway station by a shunt line from the lighthouse wharf. The front of the property was the old Street building, now Harbourfront Restaurant, which after Mr. DeWolfe's death in 1911 served partially as the town's first moving picture theatre - the "Acme." Mr. DeWolfe was also Mayor of St. Andrews on at least one occasion.

In the forties the building was purchased by summer resident Dorothy Eidlitz with an eye to promoting artistic interests in the town, and this was the beginning of Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Center. Ms. Eidlitz was an amateur photograph of some ability; the Charlotte County Archives has a number of her photographs, which show a very good eye; and some are also contained in the National Gallery in Ottawa.