Old St. Andrews



St. Andrews and Quebec Railway



St. Andrews Standard, June 7, 1848
A large number of immigrants who came out in the Star, have been discharged from Quarantine Island, and are now in town, where they have been provided with lodgings. We understand that houses are in course of erection for them, near the line of the Railroad, which are to be completed by Monday next, when, we are informed, the labourers will commence working on the road.

St. Andrews Standard, June 21, 1848
We have much pleasure in stating that the labourers on the Railway are making satisfactory progress with the work. Little more than a week has elapsed since they commenced, and a good road has been already made some distance from the Bar road toward the Point at Katy's Cove. It is also gratifying to hear those sons of the Emerald Isle expressing themselves satisfied with the treatment and speaking in warm terms of commendation of the Directors of the Rail Road Company. While viewing the work the other day, we were forcibly struck with the regularity with which each department was carried on—the willingness with which the men worked, and even the youth from 14 years upwards seemed to vie with each other in the endeavour to give satisfaction—and it is a pleasing sight to witness the perfect harmony which pervades the whole. Could the wealthy Irish landlords, see the labourers sent out by Earl Fitzwilliam, at work on the Railroad, and hear, as we have, their expressions of contentment we feel confident they would not hesitate in following the noble example of the Earl. While speaking of the Railroad we would call attention to an able article on Colonization in our columns copied from the London Railway Record—one of the most respectable and ably conducted Railway Journals in England.