Old St. Andrews



Deaths of David and Miriam Mowat



Jan 20, 1869
On Friday the 15th instant, Miriam Pagan wife of David Mowat, Esq., in the 72nd year of her age. A sincere and earnest Christian, the deceased sustained her part in all the relations of life, in a tender, loving, and exemplary manner. Truly may it be said of her, “she stretched out her hand to the poor; yea, she reached forth her hands to the needy,” and “in her tongue was the aw of kindness,.” Having been found “faithful unto death,” she is now, we trust, inheriting the promise, “I will give thee a crown of life.”


Nov 24, 1887
Death of Colonel David Mowatt.
One of the oldest residents of the parish of St. Andrews, Colonel David J. Mowatt, J. P., died at his residence, Beech Hill, on the evening of Wednesday, the 16th inst. The deceased gentleman had lived long past the allotted age of man, having reached the patriarchal age of ninety-three years and some months. Colonel Mowatt was favored with a robust constitution, was a man of more than the average stature, of noble presence and of erect and manly bearing, which he retained to the end. Seldom, indeed, during his long life was he called upon to suffer from the ills so inherent to human nature, he continued to enjoy good health, and all his faculties, almost to the last moment, his hearing and memory were unimpaired, and a few days before he died was able to read without the aid of glasses. His end was peaceful; tired nature was worn out. He fell asleep in that sleep that knows no earthly waking, as calmly as a babe on its mother’s knee, the lamp of life flickered and went out, “The silver chord was loosened, and his spirit returned unto God who gave it.”
            Col. Mowatt outlived all his contemporaries; he was for sixty years a justice of the peace and corner for the County of Charlotte. He held a omission in the Charlotte County Militia in the year 1812 and was colonel of the 4th Batt. In 1837, and was on active service during the so-called Aroostook war in that year. He became a member of the Charlotte co. Agricultural Society immediately after its formation, and became one of its presidents. He was for a number of years and at the time of his death an elder of Greenock Presbyterian church in this town. In his earlier days he dwelt in St. Andrews, but on the death of his father he removed to the family estate at Beech Hill, where he resided continuously ever since. In early life he married Miss Wyer, daughter of the late apt. Thomas Wyer, she died Jan. 1869. Of their family there is now surviving George Mowatt, who occupies the family homestead, David Mowatt, Esq., of Ashland, Wisconsin; Mrs. Sidney J. McMaster, of St. Andrews, and Susan Mowatt, now in San Francisco, Cal.
            The remains of the late col. David J. Mowatt, were interred in the rural cemetery on Friday last, and in compliance with request made by him a few days before his death, the funeral service, which was conducted by the Rev. A. Gunn, pastor of Greenock Church, was held at the house, and the hearse with the corpse, followed by the mourners and a number of followers in carriage, proceeded through a private say on the farm to the Bar road and thence to the cemetery, where, as the sun was slowly descending below the western horizon, the remains were committed to the grave.
            Earth to earth and dust to dust
            Calmly now the words we say
            Leaving him to sleep in trust
            Till the Resurrection Day.
            Father, in Thy gracious keeping
            Leave we now Thy servant sleeping.