Old St. Andrews



The Windsor House



Constructed 1897 by Captain David Mowat, a Loyalist who was originally captain of the garrison at Saint John at Fort Howe. He was married to Mehitable Calef, daughter of Dr. John Calef, a charter member of the Friendly Society and Member of the Legislature for Charlotte. Mowat died in a shipwreck in 1810. The home remained in the possession of his son, Colonel David Mowat, Justice of the Peace and County Coroner, until 1873 when it was purchased by William Morrison and renamed Morrison's Hotel. In 1903 H. A. DeLong took ownership of the property and until 1940 it was run as the Windsor House.

In the middle part of the century the building was known as the Bell House, and evolved into a tenement which by the '70's had definitely seen better days. In the 90's the present owner, Jay Remer, in collaboration with local designer Jeff Gauley, undertook to restore the building to its original splendour. For a few years Remer ran the Windsor House as a high-end inn, but today the building serves other purposes.