Old St. Andrews



Last Letter to St. Andrwes



513 Sherbrooke St. West
Sunday, 8 Aug. 1915
My very dear Wife,
I have been catching up with a lot of old work while Dr. Hamilton has had me under observation for that fever which hasn't all gone yet. He consents to my going down to St. Andrews Tuesday evening, but wants me to have a nurse to continue his observations and look after my diet. I may not be able to comply with his wishes in that regard for I don't know where Miss Caldwell is and I wouldn't give a rap for any of the rest. She is at Arnprior or somewhere up in the Ottawa area visiting her mother. I don't need anybody here for Leonard does everything required and does it very well. The doctor wants me to be X-rayed before going down—to help him guess I suppose. However I am feeling very well, save that I don't like the diet.
Tomorrow come our CNR and CPR meetings. Mr. Yada will probably go down with me Tuesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Whigham and Mr. Craig will probably arrive Wednesday morning. I shall probably pick them up at McAdam. Onslow will not come down this time; so the tower room can be used by Mr. Craig if need be.
I suppose Mr. and Mrs. Wilson will be going Wednesday evening. I have not heard from Edith yet.

With very much love to everybody,
Your affectionate husband,