Old St. Andrews



Porter Gudgeon



At St. Andrews, N. B. Sept. 6, 1914
Dear Mr. Cooper,
Sir William wishes me to inform you that he was very much dissatisfied with Porter Gudgeon, who was on the "Saskatchewan" on Sept. 5th, taking the place of Porter Fletcher, who was absent. He became a little intoxicated on the way to St. Andrews and on the Sunday morning, everything which he served to Sir William was uneatable. On arrival at St. Andrews, Gudgeon was instructed to leave for Montreal immediately on Sunday evening and I secured the keys of the car from him. Instead of leaving for Montreal, he remained at St. Andrews and last evening came back to the car, and finding the doors locked, he broke a large plate glass of one of the doors and got into the car. I saw him this morning, and he appeared to be sober—regretting very much his action of yesterday. He claims that he had to get into the car to do some cleaning work but he was instructed to leave on Sunday evening without cleaning anything in the car as Sir William did not want to leave the car in his hands, and he should have left for Montreal immediately. I have arranged for him to leave for Montreal tonight. Could you send a reliable man from Montreal tomorrow night to come here to take charge of the car and have it thoroughly cleaned as Sir William finds it in a filthy condition. The man need not be a good cook, for when we go back to Montreal Friday evening Sir William can have his dinner at McAdam Junction on one of the dining cars.—LAC M7494 82.5.778.