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A Witty Lawyer



A Witty Lawyer
Mr. Donald MacMaster's witty address before the Insurance Society of Montreal brings out an amusing story of a visit Mr. MacMaster paid to Sir William Van Horne's Minister's Island last summer. When Sir William had shown the famous Montreal K. C. his big horses, his belted cattle and his Tamworth pigs he took him over to his poultry house to look at his ducks, his geese, his guinea hens, etc. The lawyer fixed a stony gaze upon a Muscovy duck that was ornamented with a very red and rummy beak and then turning around to Sir William, remarked very seriously. "I wouldn't have that duck about the place." "Why?" asked Sir William, in a surprised tone. "Why!" replied the visitor, "the beggar drinks! Just look at his nose." Sir William's hearty laugh might have been heard across the bar.—St. Andrews Beacon, March 13, 1902