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The Kitchen Wing 1912



Kitchen Wing of 1912


April 18/1912
When the new kitchen wing of the Algonquin hotel is completed--as it will be about the 24th of May--this summer hotel will possess one of the finest kitchens on the continent. It will occupy about 130 x 40 feet, and will be supplied with every modern convenience. The floors below the kitchen will be utilized for female help, for servants’ dining room, etc. A Dutch oven will be placed in the basement. The floors above the kitchen will give 30 additional rooms for guests. The old wooden wing will be utilized this season for quarters for the help and for other purposes. It is expected that it will be removed this fall.


May 30/1912
The Algonquin Hotel Company has offered to pay the cost of running a sewer from the corner of Mary and Parr street to Edward, giving the hotel connection with the sewer that is now being laid on that street. [town council will meet to consider proposal]


June 20/1912
A bigger and better Algonquin was thrown open to the public on Saturday last, by Manager Allerton. Since the hour of the hotel’s closing last fall, workmen have been employed in erecting and fitting up the five-storey kitchen annex which now forms part of this popular summer hostelry. Besides supplying many additional rooms, this annex gives the hotel one of the finest kitchens on the American continent. Immense ranges and ovens have been put in and a cold storage plant has been installed which of itself has cost over $7,000. Other improvements have been made throughout the hotel, amply justifying the declaration that the Algonquin of 1912 is a bigger and better hotel than ever before. But what has been accomplished in the way of changes and additions since last year is only a patch to what is contemplated in the approaching Fall.
            the Algonquin Hotel staff this season is composed of:--A. Allerton, Manager; Spencer Farmer, chief clerk; Mr. Francour, Second Clerk; Miss Hewitt, Stenographer; Miss Cole, News Clerk; Mrs. H. E. Banks, Housekeeper; Miss Granahan, Asst. Housekeeper; William Allerton, Steward; Jas. S. Hobbs, Chef; Jacob Sessler, Chief Baker; Ira Brown, Chief Engineer; Richard Scott, Second Engineer; Jas. A. McLean , Head Waiter; George, McLean, Second Head Waiter; Miss Agnes McDonald, Head laundress; Robert Tennant, Head Porter; Lester B. Struthers, Head Bellman; Thomas R. Hogan,
Chief Wine Clerk; Mir. Henderson, Barber; Joseph Harrison, head Gardener; Miss McDonald, Telegraph Operator; Miss Reeves, manicurist; August Suck, Cello Leader; Miss S. Ames, Pianist; Percy Leveen, Violinist.