Old St. Andrews



The St. Andrews Courant



From "A History of Journalism in St. Andrews," by Robert Armstrong,


1910: ST. ANDREWS SECOND PAPER The St. Andrews Courant was the second paper published in St. Andrews. It made is appearance in 1831, Colin Campbell being the editor. He died in 1843. I have been unable to discover any copies of this paper. Mr. Clarence Ward, president of the New Brunswick Historical Society, has sent me the accompanying interesting reference to the Courant, copied from the Saint John Courier of January 7 1832: “St. Andrews Courant”—This paper, we understand, is now printed by three lads, the oldest eighteen years of age last Saturday (December 1831)—the others sixteen and twelve, without the aid of foreman, journeyman, or apprentice to conduct the mechanical part of the business—and it is a fact that they have struck off the paper at an earlier hours, and performed double the quantity of job work for the last five weeks, than has been done in the same time since the commencement of the paper, and while a practical printer was employed. They are all sons of the Editor, Colin Campbell, Esq. and neither of them ever saw a type set till the 19th of May last (1831)—The first number of the Courant having been printed on the 12th of that month. We mention this as being a novel circumstance, highly creditable to the genius and industry of the young men, and well worthy of imitation in other quarters.”—Courier January 7, 1832.” Mr. Ward says that Colin Campbell was the son of Colin Campbell, who came from Scotland to New Brunswick in 1748, with his wife and two sons, Colin and Alexander. Colin the younger was born in Glasgow on the 10th of May 1783. He was Sheriff of Charlotte County for a long period. Mrs. Samuel Hallett Whitlock of St. Stephen, was his daughter. Colin Campbell married a Miss Campbell, a sister of the last Postmaster Campbell. He died in St Andrews in Aug. 31, 1843. The three “printer boys” who assisted him on the Courant have long since passed away. John Campbell, father of Miss Annie Campbell, of this town, was one of them. The other two died at sea when quite young. A stone is erected in the Kirk yard to their memory.