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St. Croix Courier
March 1/1951
Shiretown items
I have been interested in looking over the remains of an issue of the St. Andrews Courant for “God and the People,” dated Feb 3, 1832. It was found by Ted Johnston wrapped around a beam in a shed he war tearing down on the property recently purchased by Hon. C. D. Howe. The paper was in so a ragged and worn condition as to make an intelligent study ipossible. By vote of the Legislative Assembly a member was expelled for libel. He was editor of the Advocate and evidently held his seat in opposition to the government. In St. Andrews Thomas Sime had just received an assortment of ladies’ boot with cork soles. Another haberdasher had four cases of gentlemen’s fashionable WP hats, whatever they might be, andsome ladies’ prunela shoes. “Prunella” so my dictionary states, is a smooth woolen stuff. They would be grand for the sleigh rides of those far-off days.