Old St. Andrews



Liquidation of the Courant



St. Andrews Courant , 1835


Last Public Notice
The Subscriber is compelled once more to call upon the Subscriber to the late St. Andrews Courant, and also upon his advertising Customers throughout the Province, to pay their accounts without delay—although the sums due by each Delinquent may appear trifling, yet when it is taken into consideration that  there are nearly 250 of such accounts unliquidated, ranging from 14s to 60s—the matter must appear in a more serious light—the following gentlemen will have the goodness to receive payments and give discharges: Hugh Munroe, Esq., Bathurst; James Taylor Esq., Fredericton; T. L. Nicholson, Esq., St. John, Gideon Knight, Esq., P. M. St. George; and Mr. William Campbell, or Mr. John Campbell, St. Stephen. Such accounts as remain unpaid on the 30th July next will be put in a train for collection without discrimination.
            Colin Campbell
            Late Editor and Publisher of the Courant
            St. Andrews, 10 June, 1835
            The printers of the St. John Courier, Fredericton Royal Gazette, and Miramichi Gleaner, will please give the above three insertions and send in their bill to the Subscriber for payment.
            C. C.