Old St. Andrews



The Poor House Cemetery



The St. Andrews Poor House had its own cemetery, though the location is unknown. As the Poor House itself stood on 40 acres of farm land which is now the 18th fairway for the Algonquin Golf Course, terminating at the old Club House at the corner of Reed and Mowat Drive, and aws the Poor House itself stood probably just a short distance behind this building, it is likely that this forgotten cemetery lies under the present fairway or practice range, or perhaps farther down near the woods. All Saints Burial records contain references to about 12 persons buried in the "Poor House ground," between 1822 and 1858, and perhaps others went unrecorded. The Poor House records at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick contain a detailed record of a burial which took place in 1858 of an anonymous individual found washed up near the lighthouse. The receipt details the amounts paid by the Commissioners of the Poor for carting, clothing and properly burying this individual in the Poor House ground, for which see the link at the bottom of this page. Probably after the opening of the rural cemetery in 1865 there were no more burials in this location.

April 27, 1822
All Saints Burials
Unknown.  Poor House.  St. Andrews.  [no age]


July 11, 1823
All Saints Burials
John Wilkinson, a pauper.  At. St. Andrews poorhouse [abode]
70 years.


#375 All Saints Burial
Celia [Julia?] Brush, a woman of colour.  Buried in the poor house ground.


April 25, 1833
All Saints Burials
George Saint?
Poor House.  St Andrews.  Buried in the poor house ground.  45 years


June 28, 1834
#407 All Saints Burial
Elizabeth Pagnam, who died suddenly at poor house and was buried in the poor house ground. 20 years.


Feb 5, 1842. 
# 575 All Saints Burial
James Laughlin was buried in poor house ground.  30 yrs.


Feb 15, 1843
All Saints Burial
James McLaughlin.  Buried in poor house ground.
St. Andrews.  30 years


June 9, 1843
All Saints Burial
John Greenlaw, illegitimate, buried in poor house ground.  St. Andrews.  Infant.


March 1, 1849
All Saints Burials
Susannah Dougherty
Poor House.  St. Andrews. 45 years.


July 16, 1858
Poor House Records RS 148
Commissioners of Poor St. Andrews Parish
For sundry expenses paid by me for burying a dead body found on the beach and handed over to overseers poor by S. T. Gove Coroner after inquest
Paid Thomas Young for coffin, 12 shillings
Paid for digging grave at the burial ground at poor house, 5 shillings
Paid George Cole carting body from Lighthouse to poor House, 5 shillings,
2 pounds 6 pence ? for wrappers, 2 shillings 6 pence
Total 1 pound 5 shillings.
Paid Odell ? Turner
St. Andrews, 1858